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This wiki is based on the game, Idle Breakout. Idle Breakout is an idle game that was created by Kodiqi using GameMaker Studio. You can play and download this game at You can also play at Cool Math Games, download at Google Play, and you can play Idle Breakout on other sites like Kongregate. There is a lot of statistical information in this Wiki, so if you find anything that's not quite right, feel free to edit it to the correct amount. Keep in mind that not all sites that host this game have the same upgrade prices. To see the list of pages on the wiki, go to All Pages.


Idle Breakout is a simulator-type game that has the same principle as the game Atari Breakout, but with a twist. There are 6 different balls that can be bought in the store, and every time you break the blocks (which come in different shapes and color patterns every level) and beat a level, the bricks will be harder to break, requiring you to upgrade the balls as you play. The longer you play, the higher the numbers on the blocks get as the levels proceed.

Important Pages

The pages are ordered in progression order from early game to later game. The progression in Idle Breakout is varied to your choice since you can use these features on your own time, but this is a route players can take to make the gameplay easier.

ClickX / Balls / Lasers

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